How Does SoClean Work?

How Does SoClean Work
Written by Piotr Sawicki

How Does SoClean Work? The SoClean CPAP sanitizing system is an excellent tool for cleaning your CPAP machine. Unlike hand washing, the SoClean gets to those hard to reach places and rids the CPAP machine from disease causing micro-organisms.

These microorganisms thrive in the humid environment created by the CPAP as a result of your regular breathing. They could be bacteria, viruses or fungus or mold. Without control, you might end up being sick from equipment that was meant to improve the quality of your life.

The SoClean CPAP Sanitizer works by making use of activated oxygen. Before we get into the details of the actual process, let’s see what activated oxygen is.

What is Activated Oxygen?

Activated oxygen is also referred to as ozone. It is generally known as a layer of gas high in the atmosphere but can also be found near the surface of the sea.

Unlike the normal oxygen we breathe that has 2 oxygen molecules, activated oxygen has 3. This gives it oxidation capacity that goes far and beyond the normal oxygen.

It’s important to understand that there is good ozone and there is bad ozone. Good ozone is the clean air found in the upper atmosphere. Bad ozone is what is commonly referred to as smog found in most major cities. It is laden with chemicals and is harmful to your health.

Activated oxygen has proved to be very effective in disinfecting and getting rid of diseased causing microorganisms. In fact, it is among the top most powerful disinfectants in the world.

How Activated Oxygen Works

When the Activated oxygen comes into contact with a bad odor, bacteria, fungus or mold, it loses this extra oxygen atom.

The atom is reactive so it attaches itself to the bacteria or odor causing compound. Oxygen then reverts back to its original state. As more and more activated oxygen molecules come into contact with the compound, more extra oxygen molecules attach.

How to Produce Activated Oxygen

There are basically two known methods of creating activated oxygen. Through discharge of corona or via ultra-violet light.

When using corona discharge, a high electric charge is sent to a metal grid. The grid is held in the middle of two dielectrics. The high charge will pass through these dielectrics onto the grid and create ozone from the surrounding air.

The second method works by projecting ultra-violet light at a wavelength of 254 nanometers. When it touches an oxygen molecule, it causes it to split into single oxygen atoms. These then search for other molecules to attach themselves on. They will find the normal oxygen molecules, combine with them and form activated oxygen O3.

Once this activated oxygen comes into contact with other compounds such as smoke, odor or bacteria, the extra oxygen atom will combine with them causing the oxygen to revert back to its normal state.

How the SoClean Works

Since you now have background information on how activated oxygen functions, it will be easy to understand how the SoClean CPAP sanitizing system works.

You begin by opening the lid and placing the mask and hose inside the chamber. On the side of the SoClean is a special slot where the hose is supposed to fit.

After placing them correctly, simply close the lid shut. Depending on the pre-set time, the SoClean will run the sanitization process automatically. However, you can opt for manual running.

When the SoClean is set, it takes air from the outside and runs it through the inbuilt generator. This converts it into activated oxygen. It will then be pumped through your mask and hose.

It’s important to ensure that everything is placed correctly and that the SoClean is tightly sealed. This prevents any gas from leaking to the outside resulting in an unpleasant smell. If you are running the SoClean system for the first time on your CPAP, ensure you wash the mask, hose and humidifier reservoir with the neutralizing pre-wash.

When released, activated oxygen takes 1/10000 seconds to react with a different compound, this is all the time needed to destroy it. When it is pumped through the mask and hose, any bacteria that come into contact with the activated oxygen will be destroyed.  Mold, fungus and viruses are not safe either.

Unlike water, gas can reach into any space or corner. This is what makes the SoClean Sanitizer so effectively able to kill up to 99.9% of harmful disease causing micro-organisms.

The activated oxygen that comes into contact with any compounds will revert back to its normal oxygen state. However, you are advised to keep the lid shut for another two hours to ensure all the gas has turned into normal oxygen.

The SoClean then sends the activated oxygen through the filter located in the chamber. This helps to turn it back to its natural state.

The conclusion of How Does SoClean Work?

While there are different methods via which you can clean your CPAP, none is as effective as using activated oxygen. The SoClean works by simplifying the whole process in a simple to use, space saving package. Get yours today and get rid of the hassle of sanitizing your CPAP machine.

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