How to Clean CPAP Mask?

How to clean cpap mask
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How to Clean CPAP Mask? The CPAP mask is a crucial part of the machine. It provides the means via which air is directed through the air passageways. Being in close contact with the face it is also the first part to be laden with bacteria and germs especially if you are infected with a cold or flu.

This is why the mask needs to be properly cleaned. It will ensure that it continues to function efficiently even over extended periods of use. By following a few guiding principles you can see to it that the CPAP mask is properly disinfected.

Tips on Cleaning the Mask

  1. Use CPAP wipes to clean the surface of the masks. When using water, ensure it is warm and sterile. To kill all the bacteria, you can use a detergent or a non-scented soap. This is because scented soaps may leave behind the residue that can later be inhaled when using the CPAP. Never use bleach as this can wear out the mask.
  2. Once the mask is dry, allow it to air dry on a clean surface. Ensure the mask is kept away from direct sunlight due to the possibility of being damaged.
  3. In the evenings before going to bed, ensure your face is properly cleaned to get rid of any oils and moisturizer which results in the silicon around the mask to deteriorate.
  4. In order to ensure that the bacteria and other disease causing microorganisms are completely killed, it is good practice to dip the mask in 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water every once a week. After this, rinse thoroughly in distilled water then leave it to air dry.

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Why clean your CPAP mask

There are plenty of advantages of ensuring a clean CPAP mask. These are:

  • The silicon surrounding the mask is responsible for ensuring that it fits comfortably on your face. If it has facial oils, this can result in deterioration causing the mask to leak and reducing the benefits of the CPAP therapy
  • A dirty CPAP mask is quite smelly making it uncomfortable to use after a few nights. This may result in not reaping the full benefits of the therapy.
  • A dirty mask will be laden with bacteria, mold or fungus deteriorating your health and causing you to incur more hospital bills. All this can be avoided by regular cleaning.
  • Cleaning the CPAP mask will prolong its life. It will stay in good condition for a longer period. This is efficient and can save you from incurring unnecessary expenses in the future.

Following instructions of How to clean CPAP mask

We are referring to the manufactures instructions pertaining to the cleaning of your CPAP mask. It’s important to pay attention to these because in case the mask gets damaged, your warranty will only cover you if you were acting within the set rules.

The good thing is most manufacturers will keep it simple and will not lay out lengthy or complicated procedures for cleaning your CPAP mask.

Cleaning the ResMed CPAP Mask

ResMed CPAP Masks normally come with a nasal pillow. In order to clean the headgear and mask, you will first have to disconnect this nasal pillow. This can be done by pinching the pillow where it connects to the hose.

If the ResMed is a nasal mask you will be able to disconnect from the head gear by disconnecting the hose from the front of the mask. This can be done by pinching the attachment clips that are situated on both sides of the hose near the mask. Then remove the straps from the forehead support.

If the ResMed is a full face mask, also disconnect the hose from the front of the mask. Use the coupling to remove it easily and at all times avoid yanking it off. You might end up destroying it. You can then remove the mask from the headgear by disconnecting the Velcro.

Wash the masks with warm water as well as a non-scented soap. Ensure you reach the whole surface of the mask for best cleaning. Rinse carefully with warm water and then leave it to air dry away from direct sunlight. You should not reassemble the mask until it is completely dry.

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