How to Clean the CPAP Hose

How to Clean the CPAP Hose
Written by Piotr Sawicki

How to Clean the CPAP Hose? Without proper care, the CPAP hose is one of the places where bacteria can live in.  What makes this component so important is that it also offers passageways to infect the whole CPAP machine with disease causing bacteria and fungus and viruses. It is also how bacteria in the humidifier will find their way to your body.

As you can tell, the hose therefore needs to be super clean. While you may not need to carry out the cleaning of the tubing every other day, its good practice to do so two or three times a week.

The process of cleaning the tubing should never be tiresome. All you will need is warm sterile water and a mild detergent.

It is advisable to stay clear of bleach or soap with strong scents. The CPAP tubing is constructed from lightweight material that can easily be worn out by bleach. Also, the scented soaps may leave the residue that will be introduced to the pressurized air. This will then find itself in your airways and could cause harm.

As a safety precaution, you should replace your CAP hose every other year. Continuous cleaning can result in microscopic tears. These can be hazardous as germs can find their way into the pressurized air and finally to your body.

The presence of pets and children means that you will need extra care in keeping your equipment away from their reach. This is because they can easily introduce germs that could end up causing health concerns for the user.


  1. Take out the hose from the CPAP machine
  2. Use warm water with mild soap to clean the hose
  3. Rinse it out and hang in a safe place out of reach of children or pets and let it air dry
  4. Ensure you clean the hose at least every other week

CPAP Cleaning Supplies

As we have seen, a dirty CPAP can negate the whole therapy process. Instead of getting better, you might end up becoming worse due to the harmful pathogens that decide to make their home in your CPAP.

In order to ensure your health is not at risk, you need to have the right type of supplies. These will help to keep the machine germ free and always clean for the next time you need to use. Let’s consider the basic cleaning equipments that every CPAP user must have.

  1. Cleaning brush

This is specially designed for the hose or tubing. The general sizing of CPAP hose is around 6 feet. This is a challenging piece that can prove difficult to manage if not properly armed with the right tools.

Since the tube is made up of light and delicate material, the cleaning brush is also made up of soft brittles. These enable you to gain access to those difficult to reach places. You can finally use the CPAP knowing that every inch of the hose is clean and germ free.

  1. Wipes

These offer an effective method of cleaning your equipment. Whether it’s the mask, hose or tubing or even the outside of the CPAP machine, CPAP wipes will do an excellent job.

  1. CPAP Dryer

Bacteria, mold and other disease causing pathogens prefer moist and warm environments in order to thrive. This is why regular cleaning of your CPAP equipment is necessary.

CPAP Dryer

To ensure you do not give germs a place to inhabit, you should ensure that the CPAP components are dry before use. After a thorough cleaning, you can leave the equipment on a sunlight free spot to air dry. Another great option is to get yourself a CPAP equipment drier.

This will make the drying process much quicker and more efficient blowing away droplets that are stuck in those hard to reach places.

  1. Getting the SoClean Sanitizer

The SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing system is the best way to ensure a clean CPAP machine. Instead of using distilled water, the SoClean provides a liquid free method of killing all the bacteria.

SoClean 2 CPAP Reviews

By using activated oxygen, every part of the CPAP where pathogens could hide is accessed. The tubing, mask and humidifier reservoir are completely sanitized with up to 99.9% efficiency.

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Conclusion How to Clean the CPAP Hose

When cleaning your CPAP tubing, it is important to remember to use mild detergent. Stay well clear of bleach as the construction material is fragile and could quickly deteriorate. When air drying the hose, keep it away from direct sunlight. This can cause it to crack.

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